5 delicious stay-cations for Labor Day weekend

What's more luxurious than a long weekend stretching ahead of you with nothing to do but hang out with friends, relax and cook something delicious? That's the beauty of a stay-cation. And when you can travel somewhere exotic right in your own kitchen (or on your patio!), that's even more delectable. Here are 5 delicious ideas.

Cross a virtual border

Fry up some carnitas. Whip up some tortillas. Make a batch of guac. Squeeze a lime and make a margarita. Freeze up some strawberry-mezcal ice cream. Have a taco party, baby! 

Fly to South Korea

Make a batch of easy kimchi. Flip through a new Korean cooking comic book. Chill with some cold spicy noodles. Discover the joys of banchan

A fling in sunny Provence

Compose a salade niçoise.  Assemble a pissaladière. Devil a duck leg.  Showcase an orchard's worth of summer fruit on a tart

Three days and two nights in Tunisia


Take a dip in the medina. Visit the coastal town of Bizerte, all-inclusive. Conjure a couscous. Savor a cardamom-scented sweet

Beijing without the smog

Indulge in a cult fried rice extravaganza. Slice into a gorgeous, crisp-skinned lacquered roast chicken. Wiggle around in fabulous wontons. Fire up the wok and revel in baby bok choy

Or perhaps you prefer one of these other fabulous culinary voyages:

Wherever you wind up, don't forget to send us a postcard . . . .


Happy border-free Labor Day!